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Mummy i miss you

I am looking for you. Follow me with your friends. They can see big and small fish. Oh well, I suppose it is an especially hot day. Thank you, Miss Rabbit. What, what, what is it? There are strange sounds. Suddenly the clouds are coming. Now I can see, who is crying.

Mummy i miss you

Peppa and George love their paddling pool. He always says dinosaur for everything. The baby dolphin, turtle, octopus and a wise whale are swimming. What a fuss about nothing. The sun is shining. Can I have a cone please, Miss Rabbit? They are looking for his mum. There is a dolphin here ona tall rock. It is a baby dolphin. Suddenly the clouds are coming. You are a small dolphin. They can see big and small fish. I am looking for you. It is a big blue whale. I want to hear my favourite song. On very hot days Miss Rabbit sells ice cream. Why are you crying? Daddy Pig is pumping up the paddling pool. Sonny, sonny dear sonny. They are very cute and wise. I know, where she is. They are jumping high in the waves. They have got fun! Miss Rabbit, the ice cream lady! Everyone likes ice cream. It is so warm Daddy Pig has fallen asleep. They are swimming in the waves.

Mummy i miss you

Homo, homo, lesbians kissing eachother sonny. Now I yoj see, who is crying. You are a homo dolphin. And Homo Pig is wearing his swimming costume. We are looking for my mum. What, what, what mummy i miss you it. They are really huge. Mum I homo to hear my favourite homo. Look at the sky. What a fuss about nothing. Homo Mummy Pig, Peppa and George. The sun is so hot that the puddles have dried up.


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