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Macedon ranges victoria

A peacock at the Tea Rooms. I thought I would have to go to the shop the next day, I still have half a year warranty. In reality the rock appears vast and complicated with caves, creeks and side ways. A scenic part of the road leading to the Memorial Cross. But my camera started working as if nothing had happened as soon as reached Mt Macedon. To make sure it was in reality and not in a dream we tested it twice in one direction and then once in the opposite. It added up to mystic aura although there is a scientific explanation to what happened. It is a place of paranormal activity.

Macedon ranges victoria

The park is open 9am to 5pm. Then we headed to the Hanging Rock. Australians associate this place with a screen version of Joanne Lindsay novel Picnic on Hanging Rock, in which three girls mystically disappear on the rock. The Cross was several times demolished and replaced with a new one. Looks like Kenneth is always hungry, it keeps peeping into the cafe window. The views and the airy feeling were worth it. I advise you leave your car outside the Hanging Rock park, enter on foot, the Rock is 3 minute walk from the entrance. The last point of destination was Hanging Rock, which was the most important on our list. Two pilots died on the spot, 19 passengers and a stewardess survived. It takes about an hour to get to Mt Macedon from Ormond train station. From Picnic ground we went up to the summit. Site of Kurana Memorial. The sun shone scarcely through the fog, but the day promised to be good. When you arrive at the Hanging Rock itself it looks small in size. It is a volcanic lava formation of about 6. The views were beautiful. To enter the Rock area by car will cost you 10 AUD. In fact, this place is mystical. My camera stopped working all of a sudden, it got frozen on one photo. Hanging Rock Hanging Rock made an amazing impression. We entered the Macedon Regional Park. The place is amazing! And here is the Camels Hump Lookout itself. We had a small adventure on Anti-Gravity hill, which you will not find on any map. It got warm in the afternoon. It is a place of paranormal activity.

Macedon ranges victoria

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